ARC Reader Expectations / Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions subject to change. Readers will be notified of major changes via email.

The review process is part of the indie author business, and anyone who fails to adhere to the expectations will be let go from the review team.
It’s nothing personal against you as a reader or reviewer, but deadlines must be met, and you’re always welcome to pick up Vic Tyler’s books on Booksprout if they’re uploaded.

The number of ARCs distributed and the spots available on the street review team are limited. Not being accepted to the team at this time or not receiving an ARC does not necessarily mean you failed to meet one of the listed expectations below or that you were let go from the team. Only as many ARCs as needed are sent out, and as long as you continue to receive emails about ARC opportunities, you’re welcome to apply to as many as you’d like.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Vic Tyler at

General requirements

  • Adult readers only (18+ years old).
    Vic Tyler’s work contains adult material unsuitable for people under 18 years of age.
  • Street review members must be signed up for Vic Tyler’s newsletter.
    ARC privileges are retained for fans, and even if you are not on my street review team, there may be ARC opportunities presented from time to time in giveaways.
  • Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are required. If you reside in the US, please leave reviews on Bookbub, as well.
    If you are not able to leave a review on Amazon at this time, you are welcome to apply for Vic Tyler’s street review team in the future.
  • You are not required to read and review every book.
    Apply to as many or as few as you’d like. You will only be held responsible for the ARCs you receive.

Technical requirements

  • ARCs will be sent to addresses. No exceptions.
    You do not need to own a Kindle. If you read through a Nook, Android, iPhone/iPad, etc., you can still receive an ARC. Download the Kindle App and obtain an address (instructions here, if needed).
    This is for copyright and anti-piracy measures.
  • On the same note, ARC readers may not share, reproduce, distribute, or publish any provided work in any form.
    Books are copyrighted material, so help the fight against piracy and support your local indie authors!
  • Rejected Amazon reviews must be taken up with Amazon community-help or Amazon support.
    Usually submitting it a few days afterward will do the job, but if it doesn’t, please talk to Amazon. If you are in the process of resolving the issue with Amazon, please CC: Vic Tyler so the late review won’t be marked against you.

Content of Reviews

  • Reviews must not contain spoilers.
    Quotations are OK as long as they don’t give away any major plot points.
    If your review is found to have spoilers, you will be notified and asked to revise that section. Please do so as soon as possible.
  • You are receiving an ARC for an honest and voluntary review.
    Please indicate so in your Amazon review. Failure to do so may result in your review being rejected.
  • Your rating and review should not reflect cliffhangers or trigger warnings that you have been notified of beforehand.
    You are welcome to mention/emphasize them in your review (as long as there are no spoilers).
    Cliffhangers and trigger warnings (to the best of Vic Tyler’s knowledge) will be divulged to you BEFORE you apply for an ARC. If she has missed a crucial one, please email her so she can amend her list. If you are unsure, feel free to email Vic Tyler, and she can provide more information so you can determine whether the ARC is a good fit for you or not.
    Do not base your review/rating on things you were informed of when you applied for the ARC (especially for cliffhangers). It isn’t fair to the book, the author, or future readers.
  • Every ARC application will ask for your permission to use your review for promotional reasons.
    This does NOT affect your eligibility to receive ARCs.
    Your words are copyrighted the moment you upload them! They are not anyone’s to take or use without your permission, especially in ways that you are uncomfortable with.
    If you chose to give permission and then change your mind, feel free to email Vic Tyler at any time.

Late reviews

  • Accepting an ARC means you agree to read the book and have your review ready BY the release date.
    Your review links will be due approximately a week from the release date (via Google Forms). Remember to submit your reviews on the form since this is how Vic Tyler will confirm your submission. Do not wait until the last day to submit a review since Amazon can take a few days to approve it.
  • If Amazon rejects your review, that won’t be held against you, but it is your responsibility to contact them. Please CC: Vic Tyler in the email, so an extension can be granted.
    The cause is usually because a large influx of incoming reviews, and they put blocks to prevent bots. Waiting a few days to re-submit your review will usually work.
  • Tardiness of reviews will result in ineligibility to receive future ARCs.
    As mentioned before, this is not a reflection on you as a reader or reviewer. As much as your support is appreciated, the ARC aspect is an inherent part of the business.
    Deadlines and schedules must be met reliably. So if you know that you cannot make the deadline to submit a review, please do not pick up the ARC.
  • Real life priorities are a thing! And of course, they take precedence. If you’re encountered with an exceptionally last-minute busy time, then please email Vic Tyler to let her know and determine a new deadline. But please note that continued extensions and tardiness will affect your eligibility to receive ARCs in the future.


  • If you are missing a review, you will not be eligible to pick up another ARC.
  • If you pick up an ARC and find that you do not like it or do not feel comfortable leaving a review, please email Vic Tyler to let her know.
    This does not mean you are ineligible to receive future ARCs, but it does mean that if the book is in a series, it may affect your eligibility in receiving subsequent books in the same series.
    Please only pick up books that you think you will like. Continued cancellation of book reviews will reflect poorly on your reviewer status and may result in ineligibility to receive future ARCs.

Whew. With all of that done, one last thing.

Thank you! Writing has always been a dream for Vic Tyler, and there are no apt words to describe how grateful she is for your support. She is still in awe at your words of encouragement and praise, and she hopes that you’ll continue to enjoy her future work!

Last edited: July 8, 2019