Unchaining You

If he hates me for what happened 8 years ago, just imagine how he feels now…

Do I feel bad for hooking up with the one who broke my heart?
… No.
Should I feel bad about blackmailing him for a job?
… Probably.

But to be fair, I need the money.

Life’s kind to some people.
Exhibit A: Devon Leo
Hot, brooding loner in high school → hot, brooding, billionaire tech tycoon who’s an international mans!ut.

Exhibit Me: Skylar Kay
Your everyday average nobody → college-dropout, moonlighting-stripper nobody who’s drowning in debt.

The least he can do for breaking my heart is give me a job.
Yeah, the one I blackmailed him for.

I just didn’t think the job was for a position under him.
I’ll have to be careful not to get under him. Again.
Because this time, his reputation isn’t just on the line.
My heart is.

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